Love and war, conspiracies and violence, wonders and horrors.

The saga of the race that will dominate the world.

The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico, Lady  Marta

The Squirrel and the Grail is an erotic epic saga set in the distant future. The Earth is dominated by a new human species, result of sophisticated genetic manipulations, with almost unlimited powers. This new species, called bio-aristocracy, is organized in pagan religions and sects. The Bio-aristocrats rule over the two other peoples that inhabit the planet, the Naturals, i.e. normal human beings as today’s humans and the Wild, with a human appearance but with an animal intelligence.

The Bio-aristocrats are all artists and demiurges. They artistically alter the animal and plant kingdom, creating endless complex species through hybridization of DNA or resurrecting extinct species. They love art, live in the ancient historical centers in Europe or in magnificent buildings-statues they have built in large numbers in the old city suburbs. The most important political organization of this new species is the New Universal Church. The bio-aristocrat Leo Bruno is the most prominent authority of the New Universal Church and all the book’s plots revolve around him. Symbol of this power is an alien Grail, discovered by Leo Bruno himself and protected by his snake squirrel Orfiel.

transgenic animals, transgenic plants, The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico, New Vatican Garden
Maurizio Elettrico, transgenic animals, New Cristianity, Rome,The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico
Maurizio Elettrico, imperial powers, Pontifex, New Cristianity, Immaginary religions,The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico, New Universal Church
Maurizio Elettrico, wolf man, eresy, The squirrel and the Grail, pagan idols, magic, ritual cannibalism, Maurizio alism,Elettrico, Canjal,
The squirrel and the Grail , Maurizio Elettrico, gnosis, gnostic, gnosticism, eresy
Maurizio Elettrico, bulab, spiritual creatures, wolf man, antropofagy,  parrot, Aracnos,  The squirrel and the Grail, licantropy, selvatic, Maurizio Elettrico, eresy, dark foces, robotic fortress
The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico, Tecnocraz, tecnocracy, new religions, science fiction
The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico, Mumba, Murdolock, snake man, bulab, wildes,  Canjal, wolf men,  Canjal Abbey, Irin, robotic spider
The squirrel and the Grail, Maurizio Elettrico, Artecraz


texts and immagines:  Maurizio Elettrico

photos: Marcello Merenda

performers: Antonio Flumeri, Nunzia Ferro, Luca di Bernardo

original music: Lucio Lo Gatto


Maurizio Elettrico